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Our clients regularly retain Bel Air Law Firm to draft or review a wide variety of agreements as they hire and manage employees, retain service providers, enter into joint ventures and other strategic alliances, acquire or dispose of real estate and other assets, and sell their products and services in the marketplace.  We have experience representing clients with respect to:

Joint Ventures
  • Multi-Member Operating Agreements
  • Joint Development Agreements

  • Management Agreements

Contracts with your Strategic Partners, Distributors and Customers

  • referral fee agreements

  • sale of goods or services agreements

  • customer services agreements

  • promotion and marketing agreements

  • general terms and conditions for services

  • put option agreements

  • licensing agreements

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Assignment and Assumption Agreements

  • Asset Purchase Agreements

  • Stock Purchase Agreements

  • Intellectual Property Assignment Agreements

  • Escrow Agreements

  • Transition Services Agreements

  • Exclusivity Agreements

  • Letters of Intent

  • Stock Powers

  • Closing Certificates

  • Secretary’s Certificates

  • Board of Director Consents

  • Bills of Sale

  • Estoppel Certificates

  • Funds Flow Direction Letters

Contracts with your Independent Contractors and Other Service Providers
  • confidentiality agreements

  • engagement letters

  • independent contractor and consulting agreements

  • management services agreements

  • professional services agreements

  • HIPAA business associate agreements


Contracts with your Employees

  • offer letters

  • executive and non-executive employment agreements

  • confidentiality and proprietary rights agreements

  • temporary employee staffing agreements

  • independent contractor agreements

Contrath your Employees

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