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Real Estate & Hospitality

A real estate transaction may include one or a series of transactions such as first creating a joint venture with a partner, and then acquiring, financing, and leasing a commercial property.  We can assist you with all facets of the transaction.  

Joint Ventures

Real estate is commonly acquired through a partnership where one party, known as the operating partner, finds and runs the investment, and one or more parties, known as the capital partners, provide the capital for the investment.  We negotiate and document real estate joint ventures through limited liability agreements, development agreements, and asset management agreements.  


Acquisitions & Dispositions

We represent buyers and sellers in the purchase and sale of residential, office, hotel, multi-family, mixed-use and other properties.  These transactions are commonly documented in purchase and sale agreements.  

Real Estate Financing

Once an acquisition is underway, our clients typically finance part of the acquisition through lender financing.  We have a deep understanding of this area and can negotiate the loan documentation.     LEARN MORE


Hotels are one of our favorite asset classes.  We love these deals because our client is buying or selling a business in addition to real property. However, these transactions have their own asset-specific issues and agreements that need to be addressed.  We have experience negotiating hotel management agreements, technical services agreements, franchise agreements and asset management agreements unique to this industry. 

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